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Although I practice yoga in a contemplative state before working, the act of creating collages from elements that call to me, places me in a meditative trancelike state. Here, I feel one with the universe. The artworks develop before me, like surrealist automatism, as I listen to faded, dreamy Chillwave, Glo-fi, Hypnogogic, vapor-wave sounds, Philip Glass, Hildegard von Bingen: Canticles of Ecstasy and Moby’s new free mix click here

I feel like an “antenna system,” in this state, as I surf the “wavebands” gathering images. Energy Medicine training gave me an awareness of, and sensitivity to human energy fields. Dissolving physical, emotional and spiritual energy blocks and opening the Chakra system, forges a connection with the overall Energy Field; creating a higher or different sense of perception. While collage-making and drawing, I “travel” and live in the expanded world of energy work. The boons are personal healing, entry to a New Earth and forthcoming, submerged, weightless looking images.

Joseph Campbell saw that within the psyches of today's artists are the seeds of tomorrow's mythologies. Hopefully, the concoctions in the artists' s creations will reveal more pleasant horizons for human beings.

Healing Touch (“HT”) Energy Medicine Training gave me an awareness of and sensitivity to the human energy field, which can be used for diagnosis and treatment of illness. In HT we scan our field of presence, our consciousness, to see and dissolve physical, emotional and spiritual energy blocks; opening the Chakra system to connect with, and use, an overall Energy Field. Through this introspection, one’s energy system can expand with a higher sense of perception; picking up subtle and varied energy aspects.
I use this time to stay open to my own Neuroplasticity; looking forward to raising my serotonin and dopamine set points through this meditative flow.
While collage-making and drawing, I seem to automatically enter the expanded senses of energy “streaming.”
I feel like a space cowgirl, an explorer; making images that seem beyond real. Perhaps they’ll hold some universal healing energies and provide impetus to explore new horizons.” S.F.

1. I construct small layered collages of : drawn images, magazine clippings, acetate, old photos, architectural drawings, dried plants, sand, etc. - layers of many memories and things.
2. I reproduce & enlarge this collage on my printer.
3. I rework this image with pencils, acrylic and oil paint, more layers of acetate, tissue and graph paper, etc.
4. This final collage is further enlarged and reproduced on a cutting edge new version of fine art High Definition photographic paper that captures every detail and texture.
5. This final print, considered the original, is coated with resin and pressed between rigid backing and matte U.V. plexi to further enhance a sense of depth - Sheree's signature esthetic - metaphorical images viewed as though within the ocean's depths.


...... ...The Sleeping Queen Receives / L'antenna

.........Original mixed media collage (in collection of the artist))
........ H 6" x W 4 3/4"

.........3D Imaging Lenticular Print
  .......H 57“ x W 44”

.........High Definition print under 1/2” clear plexi
.........H 45" x W 35"

.........UV matte Plexi-Sandwiched Print on Resin Coated Paper
.........H 45" x W 35"

.........Prints on Archival Watercolor Paper





ChillWave ( ,
glo-fi (
vapor-wave ( )
Hildegard von Bingen: Canticles of Ecstasy (
Philip Glass - Metamorphosis | complete (


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