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Sheree’s work modality, remains the same- meditating, then, in a trance-like state, looking for New Mythologies, exploring where we are right now as a species creating small-scale collages, as a base, which is printed much larger and worked on top of with various mediums- acrylic & oil paint, pencils, collage elements (leaves, pressed flowers, found photos, sand, etc). The final product is considered the original, from which prints on fine art photographic paper are made. The prints are immersed in a resin and sandwiched between matte U.V. plexi, enhancing Sheree's signature esthetic- metaphorical images viewed as though within the ocean's depths. They simmer from her "within", which is also, the farthest most reach of our inter-galactic womb-space.

Joseph Campbell saw that within the psyches of today's artists are the seeds of tomorrow's mythologies. Hopefully, the concoctions in the artists' s creations will show more pleasant horizons for human beings. Sheree's Dragonflies frequently appear. They have been on the planet for about 300 hundred million years and predate dinosaurs. They are the artists constant reminder of the very old, primitive portions of our brains, that are our demise.

2016 © Sheree Friedman www.ShereeFriedman.com

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