Energy Medicine

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Healing Touch Energy Medicine practitioner who has worked at a major Hospital on patients with illnesses including, cancer, broken bones, pre-op, post surgical and terminal conditions.

Energy Medicine:
Energy medicine is an ancient alternative for self–healing. Energy medicine is a broad and inclusive concept containing traditional usage of diagnostic energy forms like x-rays, electro-cardiograms, electroencephalograms, nuclear radiation and laser treatments. This is all energy medicine on the conventional end of the spectrum. Then there is the use of subtle energies which can’t yet be measured by the techniques of conventional science, used by practitioners who diagnose problems in patient’s energy fields and flows and then transmit energy to them through systems like Reiki or Healing Touch. In between all of this is a range of phenomena like how different light spectrums, places, sound/chanting or crystals may affect peoples lives. Energy medicine encompasses all of this.
As I practice Energy Medicine:
"With the benefit of Healing Touch training I sense a person’s energy field disturbances and channel, transmit and move universal energy through the person with intention for their greater/higher healing good. My goal is to harmonize energy flows in the body and to bring awareness to these interior flows and :
how one’s ways of being and thinking affect them.
how one’s own energy connects to energies surrounding us in the natural world and the energies of other people we engage and encounter.
how to promote one’s health through this awareness.
" S.F.
Traditional western medicine focuses on diagnosing symptoms and treating you from the outside. Energy medicine unlocks your life force to heal you from the inside — and addresses the root causes of illness.
In fact, the two pair beautifully to support and revitalize your WHOLE being.