NYC Broadway’s American Utopia 2020
opens with David Byrne seated at a table, holding a plastic human brain and musing on the neural-connection theory, his thematic through-line — spawned from the concept that human brains have many more neural connections when we’re babies, which are gradually lost as we age.
“Does this mean babies are smarter than us, and we get stupider as we grow older? Where do those lost connections go?” 
Somewhere in American Utopia Byrne suggests that our aging, lost brain energy connections go into the “ether”, becoming universal energies affecting and connecting all of us. I recall Rabbi Silverman telling me that the Jewish and right wing Christian’s Messiah is not a person descending from heaven (ha), but a shift in overall human consciousness, enhanced by intermarriage and sight of our interconnectedness exponentially sped up by technology.

Perhaps in Byrne’s ether, Great Goddess, G_d, womb of constant becoming are new Jungian-like archetypes forming which will give us sight.
Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance concept indicates that when we build it in “thought-forms”, “they / the whole anthill of humanity” will come. “I think that creativity depends on having sufficient indeterminacy around for a new pattern to arise up within it.”
David Byrne’s building our new humanity, as the days go by. . .

Click here for lyrics and video to "Once in a Lifetime" as the days go by

"My own artworks with our problematic human brains floating incandescently, above us mere mortals, is a constant reminder of our “flawed” condition, a result of our neocortex / very old brain parts, which make us reflex into - my meat, my tribe, my nation… Lacking sight of our interconnectedness and reliances on all other humans.

Our brain with its oldest more primitive thinking/feeling, reptilian base, developed over 100 million years ago, floats / hangs over us, as a reminder of the harshness that it can create in a more civilized world. Although, the Dalai Lama and Neuroscientists have concluded that our brains have neuroplasticity in response to meditation and experiences, our prior, epigenetic and a priori innate “programing” often override our conscious wishes. We can evolve an upgrade.”


Take Me Back

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Hydrangea et Jardin Soft

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