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Sheree is  
the life partner of Jerry Friedman. She is a mother, stepmother & stepgrandmother and is now a grandmother (Glam-Ma) of Ora Sage.
the president of S.S.Spirit LLC, which purveys her fine art, architectural ideas and scripts for film, video and TV.

a working visionary artist using meditative, lightworker healer trainings as a medium to connect with our evolving universe’s energies to make art images. She surfs with waveband frequencies. . . . “This is where I live, a space cowgirl, an explorer, gathering sensations of our changing human mythologies, going beyond what we think of as real, into the neo-surreal.” Her Light filled lucite tablet series generate Feng Shui energy enhancements.

has studied Fine Art, Drawing(David Staff), Photography(Murray Weiss)Graphic Design (Layton School of Art & Design (now MIAD). Left Layton after three years to study with painter Tom Uttech at University of Wisconsin click for Tom Uttech.
on the Drawing and Print Acquisition committee of the Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC. Commitee members choose art, within a given budget, from curator’s presentations that compliment existing holdings. The Museum has hosted 91 exhibitions with over 1,000 different artists and welcomed over 5.5 million visitors. - https://whitney.org/about
holds a Bachelors degree (highest honors) in Architecture from Pratt Institute. While in Pratt Institute’s Architectural program (1985), she facilitated the new FGIC Co’s Wall Street office project from “ground up”. She chose and hired Emilio Ambasz (www.ambasz.com) as a designer, had input into specs, hired Larson Juster firm for construction drawings and onsite construction and had regular meetings with both parties to assure smooth process to completion. FGIC was a new idea product firm which could potentially expand. She “signed off” on many of Emilio’s out of the Wall Street box traditional office ideas. This was an award winning project featured in Architectural Record. ( Financial Guaranty Insurance Company )
She drew up a design plan for a challenging Greenwich Village Landmarks, 1799 Isaac-Hendricks House, at 77 Bedford St, a brownstone gut renovation and hired Emilio Ambasz to co-create a super contemporary interior. village preservation.org article: the-oldest-building-in-the-village
Prepared a design plan for a Greenwich, Ct home’s gut rebuild, inspired by Pratt Institute’s design modus operandi- human’s connected to Nature, not standing above -a la Frank Lloyd Wrights Japanese inspired buildings and specified that the home be connected to and work with nature with large ceiling to floor windows and inner flooring flowing into outer paving. She hired/worked with Warren Platner for design and construction drawings.
Worked with a crew to douse (and film the process) the 250 acres underlying energy lines for the Stillwater Wellness Resort enterprise in upstate New York. She prepared and designed the architectural plans for main, sweat lodge, outbuildings, etc. This became a part of unbuilt America. Favorite quote by Emilio Ambasz- “In reality some images or drawings have a greater impact than many buildings that are built.“
She has  
studied Screenwriting(L. A. SCREENWRITERS' SUMMIT- 2016- Truby, Vogler, Seger and Hauge)(NYC Screenwriters Summits)
currently writing several screenplays/T.V. series and a teleplay rewrite of a pilot for a TV series where Human Technology/alternative medicine and Eastern Medicine collide with Western Medicine and encroaching A.I technologies, inspired by her energy healing work in an integrative hospital.  LIGHTWORKER(S) or LW / A.I. - Ruhama Productions www.lightworkers-tv.com
traveled through China http://www.shereefriedman.com/travelschina.htm on bicycle from Tibetan plateau, to Bejing and down to Shanghai through many small cities, with visits to private homes for Shamanic ceremonies, tiny hutong residences for medical interviews and several Chinese medical hospital facilities as research for writing her T.V. series and for making a docu-series for TV on Energy Medicine entitled LET THE HEALING BEGIN.
It’s three parts will cover –
1) the ROOTS of ancient energy medicine in China.

2) how EASTERN ENERGY MEDICINE MEETS THE WEST, evolves, and integrates itself into the modern Western World

3) and how ANCIENT AND MODERN MEDICAL WORLDS COLLIDE TODAY energy medicine’s many paths of integration will detail visions for using the best of alternative therapies with traditional medicine for the healing benefits of patients worldwide.

affiliations, certifications, and posts:


a prayer Warrior-  > part of St. Dominic Prayer Group, receiving requests each day for serious health and psychological issues. She believes that everything is energy. When she receives a prayer request she sends an intention into the Oneness for that persons greater good and healing. There are numerous studies on the positive effectiveness of “prayer”.

a Glamma, regularly caring for a preschooler, using a life long affinity for Montessori Educational Philosophy
a member and supporter  of Emily's List
has current involvement with, a member of PEN America. Jerry and I believe strongly in the work of PEN America, whose mission is to defend free expression, support persecuted writers and promote literary culture in the U.S and worldwide. "Despite ... controversies and temporary bans, schools have relied on PEN’s balanced approach to help the young gain basic knowledge about their world, with the larger goal of helping kids know how to build and maintain a fragile democracy." We frequently participate in and host PEN America’s Author’s Evenings open to all-
member Women’s Democratic Leadership Forum, with interest in closing the gender gap. https://democrats.org/womens-leadership-forum/
a patron of the New York Philharmonic - helped to sponsor project 19 which premieres 19 new works by 19 women composers in honor of the Centennial of the 19th Amendment which gave American Women the right to vote ! In the? 2021–22 ?season the Orchestra premieres the commissions by Joan Tower and Sarah Kirkland Snider. The remaining works will be unveiled in 2022–23 and beyond. https://nyphil.org/concerts-tickets/explore/project-19
a patron of Carnegie Hall
exploring Constellation Circles and epigenetic fields.

Completed numerous courses in  Spiral Dynamics/Human Emergence for global transformation(with Dr. Don Beck Spirals over the Potomac in D.C., Boulder, Colorado, etc)

Completed EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) Training, with Dawson Church, PhD, at the New York Open Center.
graduate of a three year training in Healing Touch Energy Medicine Level 3 as a Healing Touch Energy Medicine practitioner and worked for six years at Greenwich Hospital on patients with cancer, broken bones, pre-op and post surgical and terminal conditions.
Completed a Level One QI Healing , Qigong certification with Grandmaster T.K. Shih, OMD, L.Ac., from Shanghai, at the New York Open Center.
Completed part one of Working with the Dying : Doula Tools and Techniques with Henry Fersko Weiss in the new York Open Center’s Integrative Thanatology program. https://www.inelda.org/
a graduate of the Hoffman Process
studied Pendulum Dowsing and Dowsing with John Kelly/Ct. Healing Arts.
The Realization of Presence with Dr. Brugh Joy- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhQWMSANHdo
completed the Realization Process weekend with Roberta Tachihara, https://www.theselfawakens.com/. courses in the various philosophies that originated in East and South Asia- Indian philosophy (including Vedic texts, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Hindu, Jainism and Mayhayana, Theravada, Hinayana and Tibetan Buddhism (Bodisatva of Compassion, New York Open Center and Buddhist Ethics, Columbia with Robert Thurman.) And Chinese Philosophy with Dr. Marjorie Miller at SUNY Purchase NY.  And course in non-Western architecture with Kashi Ashraf at Pratt Institute. And World Religions.
courses in Jungian Depth psychology at the New York Jung Institute
course at SUNY Purchase in Dada and Surrealist Art/artists and poets such as Andre Breton and Paul Eluard who explored "pure psychic automatism" and the unconscious mind as a way of creating art, resulting in dreamlike, sometimes bizarre imagery across endless mediums. They came to prominence in America at the time of World War II.
has served on
the board of the NY Open center. "To all who seek a more inspired life, the Open Center is a learning environment that offers a deeper connection with yourself and your community because the world needs us to be our best possible selves.” In existence since 1984 as New York's premier holistic learning center, offering hundreds of classes, events, and trainings annually!
the board of the Greenwich, Ct. Jung Society, choosing Jungian figures to do lectures for our large group, such as Bernie Siegel, Jean Bolen, John Giannini, Julia Cameron/Artist’s Way, James Hillman, etc. (Hillman argues against the "nature and nurture" explanations of individual growth, suggesting a third kind of energy, the individual soul which is responsible for much of individual character, aspiration and achievement.)

 the A.D.L. Anti Defamation League's World of Difference Institute Educational Advisory Board, creating strategies for enhancing, through school programming, ways for youth to learn and live side by side fluidly, understanding, not just tolerating, each other’s differences. Hopefully this decreases anti-Semitism and prejudices against all peoples in the world.

Washington Institute for near East Policy board of trustees
Class mom for Whitby Montessori school, Greenwich, Ct.
conferences attended

yearly Jungian Assisi conferences in Italy

yearly Vermont Jungian conferences, working with Depth Psychology and aspects of Dreams, building on Jung’s work, re how profound patterns as old as time play themselves out in our lives over and over again. https://www.assisiinstitute.com/giglio-2020.html

Jungian conference - in Ireland with Dr. Michael Conforti, James Hollis , Marion Woodman, etc. And recommend now > Living between Worlds: Finding Resilience in Changing Times, by James Hollis Ph.D.
conference at the Buck Institute, Ca, the first independent biomedical research institute in the world focused solely on aging
past work  

Creative art director on photo shoot in-house sites, booking models etc at Pohlman Studios, one of Milwaukee's largest, earliest commercial photographic studios.

has been a sales promotion/fashion/display coordinator for a chain of department stores in the Midwest.
various advertising agencies layout and design of ad campaigns(70's through early 80's)
created, built, co-owned and ran ALLEGORY Gallery in an iconic Milwaukee building, built in 1876, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Lower Park East corridor district, a co-op art gallery, showcasing emerging photographers and artists. (1970-75)
Worked on Shirley Chisholm campaign. https://www.villagevoice.com/2020/11/09/shirley-chisolm-they-will-remember-a-100-pound-woman/


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